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1. Question: What is pottery tile and what are its characteristics?

Answer: Ceramic tile is made of clay and other synthetic materials into wet embryo after drying and firing at high temperature. The raw material is pottery clay. The chemical composition of pottery clay is alumina hydrate or magnesium silicate with porous or flaky structure.

It has the following characteristics:

(1) Strong plasticity, diversified styles and colors.

(2) The physical and chemical properties are stable, hard and durable.

(3) Good waterproofing and thermal insulation.

(4) Due to raw materials and process reasons, the performance of products from different manufacturers varies greatly.

2. Question: Why do similar products from different manufacturers differ so much in quality?

Answer: The type and availability of pottery depend greatly on the geological distribution. Different clays have different chemical composition, mineral composition, particle size and plasticity, which will directly affect the drying and kiln conditions, thus affecting product quality.

3. Question: What are the main performance indicators of pottery tile?

Answer: Main performance indicators: water absorption, relative density, mechanical strength, thermal conductivity, weathering resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc.

4. Question: What is wet construction and what is dry construction?

Answer: Dry construction uses buckles to fix tiles on the roof. The buckles can be fixed on sloping ridges or hanging tiles to firmly fasten the tiles. The tapered tiles can connect the ridge tiles, and the tapping wind-resistant buckles can fix the main tiles according to the regional wind force and slope. Tightening systems such as buckles can ensure roofing safety in extreme weather conditions; dry construction greatly reduces installation time, and can be constructed in some bad weather conditions without special tools, thus saving construction time; dry construction roofing looks more beautiful without cement sand. The pollution of slurry reduces the overall load of roof and the difficulty of construction.

Wet construction is to use traditional cement mortar to fix tile on the roof, the volume of dry mortar will shrink after wet construction, so cracks will occur; and the mortar itself has a high water absorption rate, rainwater is easy to penetrate from the surface of mortar to the base, in addition, in the process of wet construction, tile, wall and roof will be easily polluted. The construction efficiency is low.

5. Question: What is wet clay pottery tile? What is dry powder pottery tile?

Answer: The wet clay pottery tile is made of original ecological clay. After mixing and aging for a long time, it is directly vacuum extruded and then pressed into different tiles by 200 tons imported press. The dry powder tile is mixed with some raw materials, such as calcite and kaolin, in a certain proportion. After milling, the slurry is added into the slurry, and then dried into fine powder particles after drying tower. Then the tile is pressed to form by pressing machine. The original ecological clay used in wet clay pottery tiles can be pressed into various shapes of pottery tiles according to different moulds because of its strong plasticity. Can give owners and designers more choice space.